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     Build your company with written projects that are clear, compelling, and uniquely positioned in order to convey your brand. The messaging will express your intention and follow the style of your “voice” and your style of communication. 


     All writing projects are also offered on a per-job bid basis (as an alternative to per-hour services). No charge consultations are available for every project. We’ll give you our time because we want you as a client and know that we’ll be able to successfully and mindfully deliver your pitch.



  • Local and regional foundation grants: $100 per hour

  • Government and Federal grants: $125 per hour


     On average it may take 15-25 hours for research, budget development, and a full grant proposal.

As indicated above, the full proposal “job bids” are available and range from $1,000 to $2,500 per job.


     We are happy to offer a list of procured grants.



Marketing Content: $100 per hour

   •  Advertising copywriting

   •  General speech writing

   •  Newsletter development, writing, and design

   •  Web page content writing

   •  White papers

   •  Magazines articles (up to 3,000 words)

   •  Blog articles (up to 500 words)





     All of the aforementioned types of writing will be fashioned as ghostwriting if you want your name associated with it (the byline is yours). We also offer full book ghostwriting, editing, and proofreading. Job bids will be offered following a discussion of the project in its entirety.

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