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Susan Kavanaugh


In 1997, after completing a master's in divinity, Kavanaugh founded KavCom: Conscious Communications, LLC. Her recent attendance at a spiritual publishing convention inspired her to take her journalism, marketing, and public relations talents and create an advertising agency for specific endeavors. KavCom's strategy was to serve small businesses and nonprofits with missions to improve humanity and the planet. 


Every service and product KavCom offers uses the rewarding power of conscious communication to benefit mindful visionaries who need publicity or written outreach to grow financially.

Kavanaugh developed a collective of writers and designers who shared similar goals. Throughout its 27-year history, KavCom has served nonprofit, holistic, spiritually based, and earth-friendly individuals and companies from San Francisco to Boston and everywhere in between.

Before attending seminary, Kavanaugh obtained a bachelor's in communications, a secondary education certification, and advanced master's courses in English. She began writing poetry, plays, short stories, and journalism pieces before her teenage years. Kavanaugh won many writing awards and contests in high school and reported for a local city newspaper.

On a college scholarship for forensics, the broadcasting bug bit. She was a regular announcer for the local NPR station and, after graduating, became a radio and television reporter. When Turner Broadcasting bought out the national network Kavanaugh anchored for, she reverted to written journalism and eventually public relations and marketing.

In 1988, a health challenge prompted her to begin a spiritual journey that resulted in a ministerial degree and a life coaching certification. When Kavanaugh moved from the Midwest to Arizona, bringing KavCom clients with her, she went to work part-time as a newspaper reporter and announcer for KJZZ-FM, another NPR affiliate.


After some time in healthcare publishing, where she led editorial teams to create more award-winning magazines, she and her team accepted contracts with universities that taught naturopathy and osteopathy. Both of the universities were nonprofits, so Kavanaugh began studying and training in fundraising, learning to write grants, hold gala events, and ask those connected to these universities for "major" gift donations. 

Over the years, KavCom has contracted with many mindful companies. Kavanaugh has also held several educational workshops for nonprofits through Arizona State University, published a book on conscious capitalism, started a podcast for life coaches called "Conscious Coaching," and worked as an editor and ghostwriter for several authors.

KavCom's monthly company newsletter, "The Mindful Entrepreneur Journal," became a blog and large Social Media group. The pandemic and deaths of very close family members led Kavanaugh to take a pause. She downsized the company to a one-person shop.


Though The Mindful Entrepreneur Journal ceased circulation, a new publication is taking shape. Sign up for its inaugural issue.

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