Susan Kavanaugh, MDiv, CPC

Susan Kavanaugh


Founded KavCom: Conscious Communications, LLC in 1997 and serves companies who believe in "Work as a Force for Good".


The one-time executive director for Conscious Capitalism Arizona and a cofounder for Shift/Co is a professional and certified coach assisting business executives who want to face core obstacles and embrace mindful, fearless living. 

She is a published author, nationally acclaimed inspirational and educational public speaker, and advocate for solopreneurs. Susan's recent book, The Heart of Profit, rose to the top of Amazon's Best Seller charts in business on December 4, 2020.


Currently,  a Certified Professional Coach, licensed minister, and fundraising strategist partner with multiple organizations, Kavanaugh teaches workshops for ASU and other groups.

KavCom's monthly newsletter, The Mindful Entrepreneur Journal, has a growing base of subscribers because it features articles from local and national thought leaders about mindfulness, profit, and passion.

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