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What does Conscious Communication mean?

     Consciously communicating, whether through conversation, writing or public positioning requires you to embrace authenticity.


     Throw away pretense. 

     Throw away the hard sale. 

     Throw away the facade.

     Begin to appreciate your clients, and your employees, as human beings and not as profit-centers. Find out what you hold most dear and incorporate your values into everything you say and do. How are you showing up for those you serve?


      Effective business starts with mindful leaders. Have you discovered how to be mindful? KavCom can assist by guiding you through a dynamic coaching process to help you identify and showcase your greatest strengths in a manner that others can model.

     KavCom's communication and consulting services will vastly improve your journey to conscious business success. If you lead a business that looks at "work as a force for good," reach out to me. I can advise you on how to scale your company; coach you to be a dynamic and successful leader; prepare white papers, speeches, marketing content, blogs, and more. I am very successful as a grant writer and have helped grow multiple nonprofit organizations. 

     Allow me the opportunity to facilitate your next group meeting or lead your next strategic planning session. You'll appreciate the efficiency and personal discovery stages.

Writing and Public Outreach

What's your answer to the question, "What is one thing you LOVE to do?" My response comes quickly: Writing! I started my career as a professional journalist in newspaper, radio and television. I've been the editor and publisher of four healthcare magazines, published a couple of books, and ghost written books for many clients. In 2002, I won a national award for my magazine Assisted Living Success.

My writing is measurably effective. If you want the content on your website to pull in potential clients, I'm your woman. I write blogs, research material, political speeches, white papers, press releases, corporate communications, newsletters, and just about any type of content you can imagine. Scriptwriting is also something in which I have excelled. As a producer of videos, audiobooks, podcasts, and films, I'm able to be especially creative with scripts.

And last, but not least, GRANTWRITING is not something everyone does well. Yet, I have secured more than $3 million in Federal, State, Corporate, and Foundation grant funding. My grant proposals have a 75% success rate and I continue to write grant proposals for colleagues and clients each year.

"Business with a Purpose" Advancement

My roles in higher education organizations and small to very large health and human services nonprofits afforded me additional education and training that benefit my clients. I studied fundraising at the Institute for Charitable Giving, while gaining comprehensive grant writing skills. Having worked directly with boards, and serving on nonprofit boards, I'm able to train boards to develop strategic plans, understand governance and expand their grasp of fundraising.  Beyond consulting and training for nonprofits, I also project manage any and every kind of fundraising event, including capital campaigns. 

My newest area of interest is Shift/Co, a growing national movement to support conscious business owners. I'm also on fire about ESOPs These employee-owned companies are ready for the application of Conscious Capitalism.

Finally, I put my certified, professional coaching skills to work for anyone who wants to feel less overwhelmed by stressful business cultures, or desires to improve their on-camera media deliveries and presentations to groups. 


About Me

I heighten brand awareness, develop growth capacity, and prolifically turn out written communication for both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. 

I'm a published author, nationally acclaimed speaker, and advocate for solopreneurs. Currently,  I am a Certified Professional Coach, licensed minister, and a fundraising strategist partner with multiple organizations. I've even taught at ASU on occasion.

It has also been my honor to be hired as a public speaker by many companies.


My monthly newsletter, “The Mindful Entrepreneur Journal,” has a growing base of subscribers because it features articles from local and national thought leaders about mindfulness, profit, and passion.


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Susan Kavanaugh, M.Div., C.P.C.

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